Question by  cierrac (5)

Do you know how to put songs on your ipod for free?

I can't afford to pay for ipod downloads.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Ipods customarily use M4A files, but most also accept MP3 files, and you could simply rip your CDs as MP3 files and load them onto your Ipod. HOwever, if you need to convert the files from WMA, go to nch. com. au and download a free program called "switch", which is a audio file converter program.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

You can "rip" the songs off of any CD's that you own into iTunes, which is a free program. Then, when you sync your iPod they will be on there. While most songs have a cost associated on iTunes, there are usually weekly deals for free songs as well.


Answer by  Anonymous

Google "free mp3 download [insert song title here]". Most songs can be found like this. Then convert and add using iTunes. If you have the CD, you can rip it with iTunes.


Answer by  mindsweeper96 (21)

you have to use other websites/softwares like imesh, limewire, frostwire, ect. unless you have cds that you want to put onto your ipod the just enable disk use and rip the cds to your ipod.


Answer by  wishfire (119)

While illegal, you could use a search engine for a client that does P2P (peer to peer) downloads. Many of these (if not most) specialize in music, and would be able to allow you to download music for free. Alternatively, you could just rip the music off of any CDs you own with an appropriate program.


Answer by  ShaNayNay (25)

All you need is a software that you can use to download songs,eg. limewire or piolet, most of these software have free versions that you can download off the web. After you download the songs that you want, just use your itunes software to convert them, plug in your ipod and automatically add them,

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