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Question by  worker6632 (51)

How do I make Popsicle stick people?


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

To make popsicle stick people you will need 4 or five sticks depending on what size you want them to be. Then, glue both ends of every stick to assemble the limbs of the body. Have your child color a head on a piece of paper for their person, and then just cut it out and glue it on.


Answer by  erinica11 (48)

Using clean popsicle sticks and strong glue, arrange the sticks into the shape of a human. For example, use one stick for the torso, one vertically across it for the arms, and two sticks for the legs. Using markers, or another media, decorate the little people.


Answer by  bonny (19)

Arrange one Popsicle stick as the body, two as legs and two as arms. Use Elmer's or another all-purpose or wood glue to hold them together. Cut head from paper or the material of your choice and glue to the body. Decorate as desired!


Answer by  doglover55 (126)

This project would turn out best if you use hot-glue. If you try to use any other kind of glue it will not dry fast enough to keep up with you! Make sure that if you are doing this project with kids (or are a kid) that there is lots of adult supervision because glue guns get hot fast!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You make them similar to how you would draw a stick man. Use on full stick and split two other in have and glue them on for appendages.

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