Question by  jo (14)

How much pasta salad is needed for 40 people?

I'm attending a company picnic and volunteered to make pasta salad. How much should I make in order to feed 40 people?


Answer by  fait7799 (20)

When i cook pasta for my family, i buy a twelve ounce box. This feeds a family of four. Using simple math, that breaks down to three ounces per person. That would equal to 120 ounces of pasta for a party of 40.


Answer by  chandito (29)

For 40 people you need to figure about 1/2 cup serving for each, which would make 20 cups of salad. Then, you have to figure that 20 cups is 80 ounces, but I would guess most people would have more than 1 serving. I would use 5 pounds of pasta to make it.


Answer by  Nora28 (76)

All packages of pasta have the amount of servings per they make on the nutrition information label. Just take the number of servings each package makes and divide it by forty. Then you should have enough for the picnic. Say an eight ounce package of macaroni makes four servings, you would need ten packages to feed forty people.

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