Question by  gabshawgeo (31)

How do I make a Jester Hat?

I need to make a Jester hat for my childs Costume.


Answer by  Anonymous

You can make a jester hat by taking three pieces of papers and pileing them out, draw a triangle, cut out a base, paste the triangle pieces on the base, ajust the base so it would fit you head then add bells! Jester hats are great for medival day :)


Answer by  chalyse (147)

A jester hat has three different colored pointed ends in the front, and three in the back. Each point is solidly colored, usually alternating purple, gold, and green. At the end of each point there is usually a small bell attached. Cut and sew the six panels for the points, attach them to each other, and add the bells.


Answer by  h (364)

There are several patterns at local craft/sewing or mega stores such as wal-mart that should fit your needs. Simplicity is a major brand that is offered and they have a special section of the pattern books that you should be able to find a jester hat pattern.


Answer by  Abby57 (329)

Make a jester hat using green, red, yellow and blue triangles of felt. Sew the long triangles together. Add bells to the ends of the long triangles. Add elastic to hold it onto the child's head.


Answer by  yael (482)

It is best to use felt and simply cover a hat that you already have. By adding some cardboard to the existing hat and adding decoration it will be easy.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

In order to make a jester hat, you'll first need to gather the right materials. Decide if you want to use fabric, or you can even do a paper mache hat with newspaper and paint.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Cut the fabric out and then do the center cut as you stuff it the material will give you the desired shape for the hat. Then put a pull stich.


Answer by  decomom (923)

Use a tight fitting winter hat. Cut tall triangles of felt and attach around the base of the hat. Sew jingle bells to the tips of the triangles.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

A jester hat is really a bunch of triangles sewn together. Draw the shape on the fabric and cut out the front and back. Then sew these pieces together. Stuff the hat with foam, then sew it shut and add chin straps.

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