Question by  josa (38)

How do I learn to crochet mesh?

I need to learn to crochet mesh.


Answer by  victoire (161)

To crochet a lacy mesh, first purchase a crochet hook and some cotton yarn. Using a guide or learn to crochet book, follow the instructions for a basic single crochet and determine how large you would like to make your mesh by creating the first row or chain.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

One easy way is to search YouTube or other online video sites for tutorials on crochet. You can also check with your local craft store to see if they have any classes or instruction books for beginners.


Answer by  justme80 (75)

To crochet mesh, you basically have to work double crochets and chains. You start out with chains on the first row, and on the next rows, you use double crochets and chains. It is like a pattern. The chains will make the "holes" and the double crochets will make your "picture".


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

Mesh, per se, isn't a word normally used to describe crochet so I'm guessing the word you're looking for is "filet". Filet crochet consists of an open mesh with some of the spaces filled, usually in a manner which creates a pleasing pattern. Search for "filet crochet tutorial" in magazines, the library or on the web.

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