Question by  Allan (18)

How do I install Allure's TrafficMaster vinyl floor?


Answer by  golfgirl (173)

This flooring can be placed directly over old flooring. Minimal scoring is required to get planks to the desired size. Place down the planks, press together and snap into place. No glues or adhesives are necessary. It's an easy installation! One tip to help is to pre-plan the floor so you don't get caught short of materials.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

make sure your flooring is level, the first thing i would do is put a base floor down, make sure the area is clean before putting down your floor


Answer by  kizmetkid (21)

Do it yourseld home improvement projects have become all the rage these days. It can be a daunting task and if you are not properly prepared the task can, well, blow up in your face. t is best to efer to the owners manual of all products involved and to check with your local utilities commission depending on the project.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to install this type of floor then you will need to have your ground flat. If the ground is not flat then it will not work.

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