Question by  Tallis (31)

Can I put vinyl floor over marble floor?

I am doing some home remodeling and would like new flooring.


Answer by  Cassi (33)

Sure, you can definitely put vinyl flooring over marble floor. Just make sure that you clean the surface very well. Many vinyl flooring styles come with self-adhesive surfaces affixed on the back of the tiles. Be sure to walk over the surface while the glue sets, to get rid of any stray air bubbles.


Answer by  Mercuryman3a (113)

Vinyl flooring can be pasted over marble flooring using a good adhesive. it will stick well and will not peel off if pasted well.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

As long as the floor is clean and dust free, you can put any type of flooring over a marble floor.


Answer by  peters (296)

You can but chances are that it will not be smooth when you are finished. Also the marble will sweat possibly causing it to unstick.

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