Question by  LanDroid (75)

Is there a trick to bleeding motorcycle front brakes?

I need to bleed my front brakes.


Answer by  belle2714 (361)

First open the resevior and fill above the full line. Next you release the bleeder on the caliper till full line is visible.


Answer by  johndadof3 (43)

I use a kit for brake bleeding that makes it easy. It's a small bottle with a rubber tube that connects to the blead valve. Open the reservoir cover and be sure to keep the reservoir full enough to avoid letting air into the brake lines. When the brake fluid runs clear, you are done.


Answer by  Gsxr1100 (34)

Go with the vacuum bleeder. Great for brake's and clutch.Clear reservoir of old fluid and any junk that's in there.I use Q-tip's. The Trick : apply a couple of round's of teflon tape to bleeder screw. No air will enter the system.Keep that reservoir full once you start and bleed...:-}


Answer by  PBJay (26)

Connect a tube to the bleeder valve and place the other end in a cup full of dot 3 or 4 brake fluid. Open bleeder valve and remove cap from master cylinder. Pump brakes while not letting master cylinder go dry. Close bleeder valve, pump brakes until stiff.


Answer by  Birder80 (181)

connect a small hose to the bleeder valve and place the other end into a container. open the fluid resevoir and slowly work the brake lever until you are getting a steady stream of fluid, while keeping the resevoir full. then close the bleeder valve and test the bkaes to be sure they are smooth and firm to the grip.


Answer by  f66 (40)

yes you need to open the bleeder valve on the brakes and pump the brakes also open the inlet where you put the fluid you will see it go down.


Answer by  dancprncss6 (59)

They are done the same way as you would bleed you car brakes, tap the brakes repeatedly or inject brake fluid into the line and pump. The process will have to be repeated several times.

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