Question by  mavpcv (1)

I keep pulling my lattissimus dorsi muscle. Is it weak? How to remedy?

I'm 58 years old.


Answer by  LBG (18)

Pulling a muscle usually happens because the muscle hasn't been warmed up and/or stretched properly. First, warm up said muscle by doing a few jumping jacks. Then, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, place right hand on your thigh, and reach your left arm over your head and to the right.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

Any muscle that has been pulled in the past is always susceptible. The key is to take anti-inflammatories, if your nurse practitioner approves; as well as a physio program to strengthen the nearby muscles in your back.


Answer by  Froom (40)

This depends on what you are doing in order to strain it. Your age and some medications (eg steroids) can weaken muscles. Swimming is a great activity for strengthening lats.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

The muscle may be weak or you may have an issue in a connecting part of the back on a pressure point. If your insurance covers it, find a doctor that knows how to safely release the point, and also, you may want to take a supplement that includes the complete B complex and magnesium, along with simple stretches.

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