Question by  johnny2211 (27)

How do I get rid of glue ear?

My daughter has a serious ear infection that has turned into what is called glue ear.


Answer by  TexasEm (311)

Glue ear is painless typically resolves on its own in about 3 months, but can take up to 6 months. It is important to have your child evaluated by her pediatrician and watch her for signs of speech delay related to this. Once a child has glue ear (otitis media with effusion) they are more likely to have it again.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

About half of these cases will go away on their own. The doctor will monitor the condition for awhile. If no improvement is noted, then surgery may be needed.


Answer by  Repairdude (115)

These types of health treatments are ambiguous at best, you should consult a physician before doing anything to "official" icy-hot pads are great, and fluids do as much as-the stereotype.


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

The best solution is to eliminate all wheat and dairy products from the diet. They are the main cause of all sinus, respiratory and mucus membrane problems. If an infection has set up, antibiotics will have to be used to clear that up. Then clear the diet from wheat to prevent it from returning.

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