Question by  ovienewvce (25)

Is it legal to use a wooden bat in ASA?

I am a much better hitter with a wooden bat.


Answer by  gordon (304)

The original baseball rules called for solid wood bats. The pros still use them. Amateurs sometimes use metal bats due to their lower cost. Little League and NCAA rules allow the use of either type.


Answer by  SParfitt08 (16)

The bat must be on an approved list, must be manufactured before 2000 and have ASA approval stamping on it. A wooden bat is ok as long as it meets these requirements. The requirements are very strict and must be followed exactly to avoid any infractions. The umpire has the final say if there are any questions regarding the bat.


Answer by  josearaujo (31)

All bats must have the ASA approved 2000 certification mark or the ASA 2004 certification mark. The bat certification is for the safety of defensive players. Nothing says that it cannot be made of wood, just be included on the approved list of bat models published by the ASA National Office.


Answer by  simonsro (65)

As long as the bat is stamped ASA approved I believe that a wooden bat is just fine. But you may want to check your local league to make sure.


Answer by  Tim56 (63)

Yes, there are certain wooden bats that can be used in ASA. However, not all wood bats are ASA approved so you may have to buy a new one.


Answer by  pragadishw (15)

The bats made of materials like titanium and wood baseball are illegal to use in ASA Championship play. Mostly, no one is using wooden bats in tournaments nowadays.

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