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Question by  Anonymous

How can you tell if a "bird" flying above is actually a bat?

I have seen what bats look like up close, but its hard to tell when they are flying.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Bats have a very particular way of flying, unlike most birds. Their flight path is very erratic and they often will dive and then flap back upwards. They also squeak rather than chirp, and their wings are translucent if you happen to see one with a light source behind it.


Answer by  roserdozer (44)

The best way to tell the difference between a bat and a bird is the sound. When viewing them it is next to impossible to tell. Birds sing. Bats have an unmistakable squeak. They are very high pitched. Whenever there were bats in home I could hear them scratching and squeaking.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

Bats seem to dart around more and most birds fly in a more smooth fashion, so if it takes 90 degree turns in the air, its probably a bat. also, bats tend to fly at sundown and night - birds seem to fly during the daytime.


Answer by  user32 (7)

Bats can fly just like birds. Bats however make rowing motions through the air and can hover and/or in place for some period of time. Bats do not have feathers and their webbed wings make flapping sounds in the air if you are close enough to hear. Bats also are nocturnal and fly at night.


Answer by  chuckanfm (13)

The best way to tell is to closely watch the direction of their flight. Bats have a tendency to change the direction abruptly, mid-flight. Birds cannot do this, so to determine if it is a bird or a bat, simply watch the flight closely for abrupt changes in direction.


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