Question by  Polishbogus (28)

How do I create free web site for my business?


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

There are many websites that offer free services. If you type "free website" into any search engine you should be able to find something that works. Look at a variety of them before choosing one because some come with more advertisements than others. Most of them are pretty user-friendly and easy to figure out once you've selected them.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Some sites, like AOL, allow you to create a free website using the limited templates they offer. Most of these sites do not show the business as the primary web address. If you have a legitimate business, consider purchasing a domain, creating a site and choosing a host for your site. The cost is minimal.


Answer by  melikaweb (34)

Create a Google account for your business. Then use SITES within the Google system. It is a very easy way to upload information into HTML. Otherwise, you could create a BLOG on Google's BLOGGER. Blogger is the easiest way to get your business online, but does not have shopping cart function if you are selling products on the businesses website.


Answer by  Marie (778)

Wordpress is a free service with which you can create a website for your business. Multiple templates are available and it is easy to create as many pages as you need. If you already own a domain name, you can set up the Wordpress site so that it is connected to your web address.


Answer by  senthilkumar84 (3)

first register a free domain from free domain provides and host your developed web page in free web hosting sites than available on internet


Answer by  Chaitannya (2)

Login to the free website publishing service and make a website there for free without any investment for your bussiness.

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