Question by  ray1981 (1)

How can I start a Web site?

I have no idea where to start.


Answer by  IhnatiucLuigi (12)

First, you should start looking for a design for your web site. These designs are called "templates". Then, you must search for a domain name ( , ., etc. ). After that, search for a host, where to put your website files. That's how to start.


Answer by  XTC46 (394)

Starting a website is very easy, and there are dozens of companies that let you start them for free. Your first task is figuring out what you want your site to be about. If you want a blog, using wordpress or blogger to start is a very easy and free way to get up and going quickly.


Answer by  monalily (218)

To start a Web site, you need to create and design the website with using an opensource software called Sea Monkey Composer. Then after designing the web page, you must look and register for an Internet Service provider which will give you your IP address. Then you use your IP to register the domain names of your website address.


Answer by  Proth (155)

When starting your own web site basically two things are needed. First of all, if you don't know how to program HTML/PHP, you will need a tool (FrontPage) with which you create/edit the content of your website. The second thing is webspace, some sites only offer webspace for free.

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