Question by  Dustin (359)

How do I build pet ramps?

I need one that goes up about 4 steps.


Answer by  Terriers8 (6)

In general, you can build a pet ramp out of plywood and two-by-fours. You'll need a circular saw, nails, a sanding block and a measuring tape to be sure it's level. The actual dimensions depend on the size and length of the ramp you're wanting to build. If it's for outdoors, be sure to use a weatherproof stain to finish.


Answer by  vidito1 (68)

It depends on the animal, but either make a ramp long enough so that the slope of the board doesn't pose a difficulty for the pet, and/or cover it with carpeting or traction tape.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Step one; use some molding or lumber, step two, screw drywall screws into the thickest part of the wood. Step 3, use carpet to stretch over across the ramp. And Step 4, use the pet ramp for loading your pet into a vehicle or getting to higher ground.


Answer by  coru (31)

One easy way to build a pet ramp is to take a peice of plywood and lay it on the steps so that it makes a slant. Then you can support it by either nailing it or screwing it.

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