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Question by  Joshhughes (24)

How can I build an electric car?

i would like to build my own electric car at home. can I do it?


Answer by  molson500 (183)

A simple search of the web yields several numerous electric car kits. I would not attempt it unless you have some mechanical engineering background.


Answer by  youngsc (122)

You can but it can be very complex depending on the level of build you are performing. The main pieces that need to be replaced are the drive line.


Answer by  mrwworld (15)

Yes you can do it. Easiest way is to start with a car that the engine does not run and transplant an electric motor in place of the engine. An electric vehicles website should shed some more light on the subject.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You can build you own electric car. Do some research online and read books about how to build your own electric car. There may also be some companies making kits.


Answer by  firozbabu (21)

Due to the hike in on going oil price most of the people around the world is now been thinking about powered motor car. Dry battery can substitute the power

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