Question by  Ziggy50 (34)

What angle do I use for a wheelchair ramp?

I need to build a ramp for my mother.


Answer by  Samir (143)

This depends on your mother's strength, and whether she has a powered or manual wheelchair. Typically with automatic wheelchairs, you need an angle of just under ten degrees, while manual wheel chairs need a slope of four degrees (but reduce this if your mother is frail). If you're not comfortable with construction, then use a contractor.


Answer by  DanielChin (8)

Instead of using angles, it is better to calculate the slope by the ratio of the height between landings to the length of the ramp itself. The minimum acceptable slope is 1:12, meaning that the length of the ramp is twelve times of the height between landings, where the maximum height should not exceed 760mm.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

It depends on the direction of traffic that ramp will receive. If it is for only going down then make it really steep so they can travel down it faster.

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