Question by  Gunjan (21)

How do I build garden walls out of limestone?

I would like to build garden walls out of limestone.


Answer by  tschu (417)

Level the area first. Lay your first layer of limestone. Next, use concrete blade to cut end pieces to size. Repeat this until the wall is desired hieght.


Answer by  kumar14 (12)

You can build your garden walls through cyprus plants. This plant walls will be long life and beautiful atmosphere greenish compound.


Answer by  xomoney (104)

Dig out a level area in which to place your flowerbed. Shovel out the area in a desired shape, and use the level, placed in all directions to make sure the area is level. Shovel out lumps and build up low areas, until the area is level. Begin placing the limestone slabs to form the limestone walls of the flowerbed.


Answer by  misterrachel (6)

First, lay out your path with a chalk line. Dig a 1-foot trench and fill with sand. Tamp sand and then lay down your layers of stone with mortar.

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