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Question by  wordcountisthebaneofmyexistence (25)

How do I begin training an American bulldog, four month old puppy?

My boyfriend just gave me a puppy and I have no idea where to begin training him.


Answer by  Domdom (113)

Help him to learn his name by giving rewards or praise when he responds to your call. Follow this with sit, stay, down, using positive reinforcement.


Answer by  chris70 (301)

To begin training a puppy it is necessary to teach them to obey and reward them with positive commans and tidbits of food. Rewarding the puppy for good behavior is key to teaching a puppy. Start with simple commands such as sit , stay etc. Once the puppy understands those simple commands continue to reinforce them over and over.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

American Bulldogs are hard dogs to take care of. You need to be with him as much as possible. To begin training him you need to spend hour upon hour teaching him house rules and what not. The best thing you can do to train this dog is to shower him with attention and train him like any other.


Answer by  Mzsthai (36)

When training any dog you should first learn about the breed of dog you are training as different breeds of dogs are easier to train than others. Likewise, some breeds of dogs will respond very pporly to punishment based training, while others will require more assertive methods.

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