Question by  brittany75 (8)

How do I become a 911 dispatcher?

I think I would be good at it.


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

Usually they will have an ad somewhere in your local newspaper. You don't need a degree to become one. They will give you extensive training, but there must be an opening first. You can check with your local county or city for any positions available.


Answer by  joe55 (6)

Contact a local police station or operator service, and inquire about obtaining a job. Try to speak to someone with higher authority in order to land a better job. It really should not be that difficult if you speak to the right people, in the right fields. Good luck man


Answer by  robinfr (34)

A good place to start if you are interested in becoming a 911 dispatcher is to contact your local police department. Introduce yourself and express your interest and ask if it would be possible to come in for an "informational" interview. If granted the interview, make sure to have your questions typed out so you can refer to them.


Answer by  turtlegirl36 (19)

Must have high school diploma, type well and be 18 years old. Once meeting the requirements you simply apply at local 911 dispatch centers, local police departments or fire stations.

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