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Question by  Mimi (59)

How do I alter a pattern neckline?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

If you prefer to hem the neckline you can but be careful to hide the hemlines on the new pattern. I think that stretching of the fabric is a great way to alter the line.


Answer by  georgie3 (85)

depending on the style there basic method is the cut the pattern front section to the shape you require. you will then either need to alter the facing to match the new style whilst not forgetting to keep the 1/2 inch seamline. stitch as per usual remembering to clip the corners and staystiching the seam for a good finish


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

If you want to make a neck line with a deeper plunge try trimming the fabric and then hemming the edges so that it looks professionally done. You can also change the measurements if you're looking to raise the neckline.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

to change a neckline first draw in the stitching lines on the existing pattern. Stitch the neckline you want. Overlap the desired amount on neck edge; the waistline dart will become bigger. Remember to alter the neckline facing and collar patterns. Patterns usually have a way to shorten the hem.

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