Question by  xtophyr (50)

How do you alter the armhole and sleeve on a pattern?

I don't need to alter the actual torso part.


Answer by  Greta (233)

Draw your new armhole or sleeve, depending on what change you are trying to achieve, and adjust the other part to fit. The upper edge of your sleeve pattern should be a little longer than the circumference of the armhole in order to fit well. Ease in the extra as you sew.


Answer by  bananaboat (321)

You can lengthen or shorten the arm hole, and then line up the sleeve pattern piece with the arm holes on both the front and back. Then trace the new arm hole onto the sleeve pattern. That way the sleeve will fit correctly into the arm hole. I hope this helps!


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

To alter the sleeve, put the existing pattern on a paper bag (cut so it's flat) and retrace the sleeve, drawing it so that the sleeve is wider, or longer, (whichever you need)With a wider sleeve you'll have to readjust how to pin the sleeve to the torso.

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