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Question by  mrfixit (28)

How do I adjust my hot water tank's pressure reducing valve?


Answer by  busyfingers (239)

Either your valve is problematic or the water pressure is getting high. Both these are not to be taken lightly. Without a proper valve your water tank is like a bomb waiting to explode - extremely dangerous. So proceed carefully.


Answer by  rejoice (216)

Don't just adjust them without knowing what is wrong? Is there water leaking from this valve? If the valve is defective (some times happens to an old valve after a few years) it is better to change the valve rather than just try adjusting it. be safe.

Reply by cmc94 (302):
Old valves can just get stuck and leaky. Removing them sometimes is painfully difficult - you may need some force and the proper equipment (screwdriver). But if you remove it, then simply replace it with a same rated valve. That part is thankfully easy!  add a comment

Answer by  patti (29325)

Before you undertake this adjustment, refer to the manufacturer's manual for instructions. You might also visit a home improvement store that carries your brand and ask a salesperson to assist.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

Pressure reducing valves vary, and a few are factory calibrated and not adjustable. If yours has an adjuster, it will be at the top center of the device. A common residential type requires loosening a nut and turning the adjustment bolt with a screwdriver (tightening decreases pressure--settings are adjustable between 25-75psi). Others have a simple T handle.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The pressure valve is factory set and should not be tampered with. If you do you void the warranty and could turn it into a potential bomb.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

After locating your pressure reducing valve simply loosen the lock nut. Once you do this you can access the screw adjuster. Turning the screw driver clockwise will increase your water pressure. Turning it counter clockwise your pressure will decrease. When the desired pressure is reached retighten the lock night.

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