Question by  lion (4)

How do you install a tempering valve in hot water heaters?

Can I do it myself?


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

Replacing the tempering valve in a hot water heater is not a job for a DIY-er. You need a licensed plumber whose license includes working on gas connections. Some plumbers do not have this license, so make sure. Doing it yourself or hiring the wrong plumber could void the warranty on your hot water heater.


Answer by  cdonz (80)

It is posible to install a tempering valve in hot water heaters by yourself. To find the instructions, simply do a google search. You will easily find an answer.


Answer by  syeda (31)

i can do that after i call for an electric and mechanical work expert ,he will help me doing that because i myself will not take the risk .

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