Question by  fishofhappiness (39)

How did Bruce Lee die?


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Lee had had two incidents of brain swelling. He was treated and released after the first one, but the second lead to his death. He had taken a pain killer canned Equagesic, but the cause of death was concluded to be death by misadventure.


Answer by  shimmerysummersun (140)

There are different theories as to how Bruce Lee died: murder, allergic reaction, curse. The coroner found that Bruce had major brain swelling at the time of his death - he had complained of a headache just before his passing. It has never been confirmed exactly what he died of.


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

Bruce Lee died in 1973 from a cerebral edema incident, a type of brain swelling. He complained of the headache and took an aspirin like drug called Equagesic, which is believed to have contributed to swelling in his brain. There are many rumors and theories about Lee's death, including that he took an illegal drug, but this is not true.


Answer by  Smay1138 (3)

Bruce Lee was famous for his great action movies, which incorporate his great martial arts skills. However, it was work on one of these movies that caused pre-existing medical conditions to overtake him and he collapsed on the set and passed away a short time later.

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