Question by  Jennifer7991 (36)

How can you make your own distressed jeans?

I saw a cool pair, but they were expensive. I think I could make my own if I knew how.


Answer by  Cylence (6)

With a little time and effort you can make a pretty descent pair. Use a sharp object to make any holes or tears, preferably a knife. Beat on them with a brick to help with the worn look. Finish with coarse or something rough to fray up cuts and create well work areas.


Answer by  nerd56 (128)

It's pretty easy, decide where you want your rips then use some scissors to make small cuts and rip to the proper size. Use sandpaper to get holes too!


Answer by  river (1226)

Easy lay them flat, put a board inside the pants leg. Use a steak knife not scissors to make the cut. Use sandpaper on pockets or areas to show wear.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

There is no one right way,but a simple way is to wear a well-fitting pair of jeans doing action-packed excercise like mountain-climbing or skateboarding;the jeans will wear in time.

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