Question by  Barb15 (6)

How do you make blue jean purses?

I saw one of these and think they are so cute.


Answer by  echurch (393)

Get a pair of jeans. Cut out the seat of the pants, just under the pockets.Sew the pant legs shut. Cut a strip out of the remaining material. Then fold and sew the strip together. Sew the strip to each side of the pants. Viola,you now have a jean purse.


Answer by  JBFLA (285)

Take the bottom of a denim pant leg and cut fabric at the purse height you desire plus one inch seam allowance. Sew the cut edge together making a "bucket" purse. Use a velcro tab for closure. Make straps from long strips of frayed denim. Decorate with applique or embroidery!


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

lay the jeans pockets facing up. cut legs off use the sewing machine stitch the opening where the legs used to be together sew the rest of it up and make a strap


Answer by  dogs101 (192)

You can make it out of an old pair of jeans. Cut them right below the back pockets. Turn them inside out and sew it up. If you want it to be more stable and not so flimsy you can line it with any fabric, just sew that inside. Use a strip of the jeans or ribbon for the handle.

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