Question by  meme23 (14)

How can you get a computer drive to open manually?

I need to ope my computer drive manually.


Answer by  StingRay (471)

You may have to take it apart. If the auto-ejection does not function, try right clicking on the drive and hitting eject. Otherwise, get a set of mini screwdrivers and remove the drive from your computer. Remove the top and you should have direct access to the disk you want inside.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

You can use a straightened paper clip to do the job. Just insert it through the small emergency ejection hole located just below the disc tray.


Answer by  duhman (15)

The following method only works for drives with a tray, it will not work on slot loaded drives. The drive should have a small hole located near the eject button. Take a small paper clip and unfold it so that it fits in the hole. Push the paper clip into the hole to manually open the drive.


Answer by  FrankDell (30)

For a DVD or CD-Rom drive, you will need a paper clip. Unbend the clip so that you have a straight piece about an inch long. On the front of the drive you will see a little hole. Isert the clip and push. This will open the drive.

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