Question by  Joan57 (13)

How do you drive a manual transmission car?

I do not understand how to shift from gear to gear in a manual car.


Answer by  saraphillips (268)

With the clutch engaged hold the brake and crank the car. Shift into first gear and remove your foot from the brake pedal. Apply the accelerator pedal and you back off the clutch until gear is fully engaged. To shift between gears depress clutch while moving gearshift then release clutch.


Answer by  JOHNEBEG (486)

The clutch is used to shift gears starting with 1st gear. Select 1st gear and release the clutch slowly. Drive 1st gear to 10mph,2nd to 20mph,3rd to 30mph,4th to 40mph.


Answer by  clair58 (177)

My car is a manual transmission car. Its safer to drive manual cars. When you drive auto transmission cars you will have to face for lot of consequences, specially when you drive alone in nights. Without your knowledge car will speed, some times you will fall asleep If the car met with an accident?? What is your position???


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To start moving push the clutch in and engage first then slowly let out the clutch applying gas as needed. To go up another gear, press in the clutch and select the next gear then slowly release the clutch. Downshifting is basically just shifting down.

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