Question by  Roxanne (27)

What is causing me to be missing the C hard drive on my computer?

I can not save anything to my hard drive, it keeps giving me an error message that it is missing.


Answer by  rsshreeram (7)

Your computer has been affected by virus. you have to check whether you are able to access the C drive by right clicking the drive and clicking "explore". If you are not able to do it you have to Install an anti virus program and scan the computer for virus


Answer by  rhelt (461)

The answer to this question is dependent on what type of computer you're using, what operating system you're using and what type of hardware you are running. The most likely cause is a failed hard drive.


Answer by  barco (19)

There is no way to tell for sure what is causing the problem with your C hard drive, but it is mostly likely either corrupted (by a virus or power surge), broken, or having a connection issue. Try asking the manufacturer for help in determining your specific problem. They may be able to help.


Answer by  Pioneer (22)

For starters, your hard drive might physically be disconnecting from the motherboard. You might consider opening up your computer and checking to see if everything is properly connected. If that doesn't solve it, more then likely you might have a virus restricting access to your hard drive.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

One of two things can cause that usually. First, check and make sure the power supply connection is firmly installed to the hard drive inside the computer. They can come loose over time and cause your issue. Second, if you have an older pc, the hard drive may be going bad. If neither are true, it's a virus.


Answer by  67565fsdf (67)

Your cable connecting your HD to the rest of the computer has probably come unplugged. You should take your case off and make sure that all of your connections are tight, and make sure the hard drive is secure in it's harness or whatever.


Answer by  aju (8)

i think u changed the partition format in to fat. windows xp supports only fat32 and ntfs. this is one reason for causing this. next chance is you didnt format your hard disk well

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