Question by  100loveable (14)

How can I turn on my TV with no remote and no power button?

I bought a universal remote but I can't program it because the TV must be first powered on.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

I honestly don't think you'd be able to turn the television on. It's highly unlikely that any television does not have a power button. Have you liked around on the sides maybe?


Answer by  ff22 (11)

If you have a device set up that makes use of HDMI "power link", like a PS3 console, turning on the device first turns on the connected TV, then you could use that. Alternately, most modern TVs still have a physical power button -- it may be on the side or back of the TV.


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

Most TVs have an on/off button hidden under one of the panels. Check your TV manual or search for it. Mine is on top and contains color adjust controls.


Answer by  kekejojo (36)

You CAN still use the universal remote. Chances are the remote instructions say that when the TV powers off, you know the code for the TV. You can simply reverse that, and when the TV powers ON, you use that specific code.

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