Question by  TriniFigueroa (128)

What is wrong if when I turn my one knob shower valve to hot, no water comes out?

It works when I turn it to cold.


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

It could be several things wrong if the valve to hot and nothing is not coiming out. It could be that there is split or a hole in the lineage. Could also be that the hot water heater is not working properly. Or it could be a clog in the line. sometimes you need to blow the line out problem


Answer by  Raghavan (17)

It seems that there is no water heater fitted so that hot water cannot come out, or even there is a water heater it is not switched on. It is suggested to check if there is water heater and works properly. Further, fittings are to be properly done and only metal ones are advised for hot water.

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