Question by  cangel818 (981)

What does it mean when the screen goes black when I turn on my PS3?

This happens every time I turn it on.


Answer by  Quual (161)

This indicates a problem with the post / booting phase of the PS3's startup. Double check all cable connections to make sure they are not loose. With the power on Try unplugging/replugging all cables. With power off Remove/Replace the unit's hard drive and and then power up unit. Return to Sony for repair of a "Black screen of death problem"


Answer by  hopeonpop (54)

This means that you are having some type of system failure. It potentially could be related to a failed hard drive or some other internal component of your game system. You might also have a bad game disk in the machine. Make sure the door is closed correctly and that they game disk isn't damaged.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

It means that you did not turn the TV on. If the screen was on then your TV is probably broken and you need a new one. Or maybe you need a new PS3.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if the screen is black then that means that the wire for video is not connected. I don't think anything is wrong with your PS3 but it is just not wired correctly at all. So please check the wires and readjust them accordingly to have them as a strong fit.


Answer by  jawedge (238)

If it goes black and stays black, you may need to hard-reset the ps3 to select the correct video output cable (HDMI vs. Component).


Answer by  Josephh (47)

Try your PS3 with others TVs, them you should replace the cable, if that doesn't work you must ask for your PS3 warranty, or in any case send it to SONY in order to them repair it.


Answer by  gamerdude (9)

The ps3 is like a desktop computer or a laptop. When the console is turned on and the screen initially goes black, it prepares itself to boot up and start its system. On the other hand, if the screen stays black then it is probably a hardware malfunction.

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