Question by  bobi (-2)

How can I shrink pictures for ebay listing?

My image files are way too large.


Answer by  JNorton (79)

There are a number of free software packages which can shrink images for you. I can suggest you download "Easy Thumbnails" or "Faststone image re-sizer". A quick Google search should lead you to these freeware programs.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

If you have Microsoft Office the easiest way is to open the images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and click on "press Picture" and choose the setting you like. "For Documents" and "For Web" are best. Just be sure to "Save As" if you don't want to overwrite your file.


Answer by  runnerG12 (124)

You will need a software program to do this. Check out the open source program GIMP, which is available for all major platforms. Then open the picture in GIMP and chose resize from the menu. Set the size to whatever you need and like.


Answer by  gheesh (59)

You need to open them in an image editing program such as The GIMP (free software). Once you've done that, just go to Image -> Scale Image to resize it. For eBay listings, a maximum width/height of 500px is required, so just crop the largest to that.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

There are some image editing programs using which you can crop your pictures or minimize the file size of your pictures but it will decrease the picture quality.


Answer by  LKHomemailgmailcom (60)

Shrink by cropping,click crop box in right corner when two squares appear at opposite corners of main image,click the frame on outside of image,move bar until unwanted area is cropped.


Answer by  computerguy (36)

Use an image editor, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop, or countless others to reduce the dpi to 72 and shrink the resolution to something reasonable, such as 400 x 400 or so. If a camera is your source, you can adjust your camera to less megapixels.


Answer by  SanoIchiro (104)

There are many online image editors that can adjust image size. You can also change image size in Paint in Windows OS or Preview in Mac OS.


Answer by  asus (1)

Insert your image files in a powerpoint slide (microsoft powerpoint). Further save the slide as .jpg format. Your file size will be very small, Crop if required using picture manager.

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