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Question by  sumukh1 (10)

How can I repair low spots in my cement driveway?


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

First you want to roughen up the lower spots a simple hammer can do the trick for a small repair. Once thats done clean it and get portland cement to pour into the lower spots. They also make several chemicals to help bond the new cement to the old.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

In cement driveways a very cheap way to do a repair yourself is to add some gravel. The gravel mixes with cement or old slabs very well filling any holes that occur. A colored gravel does perk the driveway up and helps to restore the driveway. You can do this repair yourself economically.


Answer by  MikeyRickets84 (13)

With low spots in your cement driveway, you simply need to fill them with patch cement. Mix the quick-dry cement, pour into your low spot, and level off.


Answer by  bonemama (14)

You can repair low spots in your cement driveway a few different ways. You can add new cement over the top. You may also find gravel works well for filling in pot holes.


Answer by  martshtml (300)

You can use gravel, which will really make your driveway look nice, or you can use any kind of cement patching materials that you can find at any home depot or lowes.


Answer by  Brandydog (631)

There are various "patch up" quick drying cements that you can buy at a hardware store in small quantities. This material usually does not last nearly as long though.


Answer by  virginia11 (57)

If the dips in your driveway are bad you would have to repave it smoothly, but that decision would be based on a visual of the driveway.


Answer by  cmolmen (35)

Buy screenings (dust like rock particles that harden together when exposed to water), and spread them evenly over the low spot. Moisten the area, and then smooth out the top.


Answer by  chris70 (301)

Normally repairing low spots in your driveway will result in breaking up the concrete and replacing it. Asphalt can be added to Asphalt drives.

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