Question by  missy6234 (21)

How do I deleted all the songs on my mini ipod?

I would like to start over on my ipod, how can I remove the music on it?


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

First plug the ipod into the computer with the USB cale. Then go to my computer and select the folder that is your ipod. You can either manually select all the songs by clicking on each one while holding down control and dragging them or the recycle bin or simply pressing delete; or you can simply format the ipod.


Answer by  Wolf47 (16)

The simple way to delete music of of your Ipod is to open up Itunes, and right-click the track you want to delete and left click delete.


Answer by  AD8000 (130)

You will loose all of the songs on the iPod and you will not be able to restore unless synched to your computers itunes. Plug in your iPod to a computer with iTunes installed. Click on the iPod in iTunes and restore to factory state. It will then be like you have a new iPod and your good to go!


Answer by  xd545 (25)

To delete all of the current music on your mini ipod, connect your iPod to your computer and then open iTunes and go to Edit->Select All and then Edit->Delete.


Answer by  rycar (20)

Plug it into the computer, start iTunes. The iPod will show up in the list on the left. Click on the iPod, then click on the Restore button.


Answer by  Sue82 (30)

In manual mode, on ipod side, first delete from play list, then delete from library, the song will permanently be removed, check info from ABOUT, u will find u have less songs and more free space, remember: delete from play list won't delete the lete them from your library then update your 'pod - unwanted tunes are history!


Answer by  HelpfulMal (539)

When you attach your iPod to your computer and it syncs with iTunes, turn off the auto-sync. Don't select any music to be added, and manually sync it. Voila--deleted!


Answer by  chris8925 (65)

There are two options,you can connect the ipod to system using the datacable and select all the songs and delete or just right click and click on Format,immediately it will show a message that,"this will delete all details" then click ok.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, just plug your ipod in to the computer as well, open the itunes application. Select the songs you would like to delete.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

You can delete and clear out your itunes account on your computer, then attach your mini ipod to the computer with your USB cord and sync the two. It will clear out your ipod.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

Go into your Itunes library and delete all of the songs your "your ipod" after this just update it and it will clear all of the songs that have previously been on it.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

First you want to download ITunes. After you do this plug your ipod into your usb drive until it pops up on itunes. Click on the ipod under the itunes menu and you will see something that says format ipod. Click on that and it will erase the songs on your ipod for you.

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