Question by  PsyKickRuhYn (32)

How do I synchronize an iPod Touch to my computer?

I'd like to synchronize my Toshiba laptop and my iPod Touch. How do I do this?


Answer by  SD (54)

Run iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPod touch. After that a button will pop up asking you do you want to sync your iPod into your computer. Click yes.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Synchronizing an Ipod to a computer is really not a very difficult task. You start my downloading Itunes from the Apple Website. Once Itunes is on your computer just plug the Ipod into your computer and Itunes will recognize the Ipod and help you sync it.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

You must first plug in the ipod to the usb cable and then plug it into the computer. If you do not have iTunes already installed it will prompt you to install it. You can set your preferences with your ipod and computer so that it syncs when you plug it in to your computer.


Answer by  moorthi (37)

To install the January software upgrade for iPod touch require a user account iTunes Store, registered in the corresponding country or region, as well as a valid billing address.

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