Question by  Numskull (50)

Where can I find pictures of Chinese characters that can be used for tattoos?

I want something significant, like the symbol of love or life, like that.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

If you go onto Google Images just search Chinese Characters.Then you should get a whole bunch of pictures.Then you should just scroll through and pick some pictures that you like.Or you can go to Google Images and search Chinese character tattoos.If you still do not find one go to local tattoo shops and ask if they have any pictures.


Answer by  AndrewKinsey (147)

Just go to and do an image search for Chinese symbols. I did this and the first option that came up gave me a bunch of symbols and their meanings. Symbols included, love, harmony, lucky and hope. If that does not work you could always go to the library and search the card catalog.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

the easiest thing to do is to look them up online. There are extensive online databases with Chinese symbols for any word. These are pretty safe to use as well but you should still always check with someone you know that knows Chinese. Doing that will ensure that you get the right and best tattoo.


Answer by  raufieri (41)

Tattoo artist should have the Chinese symbols. They are commonly used and I have seen a lot of people with the Oriental symbols. You can search online for Oriental art.

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