Question by  memyselfandI (8)

How can I learn to type by myself?

I am 50 years old.


Answer by  godocgo (70)

Your local library has access to guide books to help you learn to type. They also have computers you may use without having to own your own. They even offer free classes to people in the community.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I would get a typewriter or computer keyboard. Get a typing book from the library and practice with the book. It will become easier the more you type.


Answer by  solix (43)

You can look for online typing programs, or you can buy typing tutor programs at computer software stores. Make sure you start with the "home keys": "a-s-d-f-j-k-l-;" Remember, it will take time and patience, but the payoff is worth it.


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

You could look into classes at the local library or a community college. But if you mean really by yourself there are books on the subject or programs online you could try.

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