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Question by  TheKoopaBros (79)

How can I have a new battery and my Chevy Cavalier won't crank?

What causes no cranking besides battery?


Answer by  worker2376 (42)

Double check all the connections on the starter and check the connection on the battery. Make sure that you used the right amount of shims for the starter.


Answer by  mikl (139)

Check if your starter engine gets power when you turn the key. If it does, but does not crank the engine, maybe your starter engine is dead or your pistons have seized. If the starter does not get power, check your fuses and the wiring.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It could be a blown fuse, a bad relay, or bad wiring. Start by checking for blown fuses. Then work your way from the starter to the battery.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

It may be a starter or relay . can also be a faulty ignition switch . starter is the most commen also make sure foot on brake vehicle in park.


Answer by  doc325 (454)

You need to check to see if you have power at your starter when you turn the ignition to crank. If you have no power to the starter than your problem is between the ignition switch and the starter. If you have power than you have a bad starter.


Answer by  chitownhustle (27)

The problem may not be your battery. You should check the cables connected to the battery to make sure the cables are properly tightened down or you wont get a proper connection for the car to turn over.


Answer by  brians6000 (640)

This sounds like there is an issue with the starter itself. No matter the condition of the battery, if the starter isn't working the engine won't crank.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

First, make sure that you have good contacts to your battery, that the wires going into the contacts are clean. If you car will not crank then next you should check the starter. I would search on the web for the different tricks for getting a failed starter going. After that, try the alternator.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

No cranking can be caused by a dead battery, fouled plugs or wires, lack of fuel due to a clogged fuel filter, distributor, and/or the coil. These are part of the basic tuneup and by process of elimination, the problem can be corrected. Also check the fuses.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Check to make sure your ignitions switch is good by the voltage at the appropriate connector on the column. The make sure the neutral safety switch hasn't failed. Then make sure the starter itself is getting power and that all ground connections are good. Finally make sure the starter itself still functions.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

Could be that the engine is locked up .the only other reason could be when the new battery was installed a cable was not hooked back up

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