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Question by  Rkissoon (12)

What can I do about a lawn mower that won't crank?

It had been working fine and now it won't crank.


Answer by  mbmb (12)

First of all check the fuel level. After several attempts to start the engine, sparkplugs can be too wet and waiting a few minutes before trying again may already solve the problem. Altering the engine's speed level (slow, medium, high) will change the mixture of fuel and oxygen and will help to start the engine.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

Four things will keep an engine from starting: lack of fuel, lack of air, lack of fire (spark), or failure to turn. Thus, check that the air filter is unobstructed, that the carburetor isn't clogged, rebuild the carburetor if necessary, check that the spark plug isn't fouled and that the system produces spark, and that the engine turns freely.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

It could be several things. Your gas might not be any good or properly mixed. Also spark plug might need to be replaced.


Answer by  gregD45 (13)

Make sure that your battery is charged and cables are connected good first. if it wasnt that remove the carburetor and clean it by soaking it in a cleaning agent(deisel,enginecleaner,...).


Answer by  bigcub (95)

Check the terminal connections on the battery, if they are connected properly and have no corrosion, then make sure your battery is charged.


Answer by  michaeltascarini (17)

check battery. check connections and wires. check starter solenoid. check engine to see it it is seized. Unlock battery to be safe from accidental starting.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

When lawnmowers sit unused during the winter months, they get build up on the spark plugs. Try changing your spark plugs, changing or adding oil and make sure that you have gas in it.

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