Question by  zxd110 (18)

How can I get rid of rabbits in my yard, they are becoming quite the pest?

I have several wild rabbits tearing up my yard, I do not want to kill them but would like them out of my yard.


Answer by  Cheryl6165 (29)

The most humane way is live traps. Traps will not present danger to children and other animals. They are inexpensive and you can relocate the rabbits to a suitable place.


Answer by  Bob1226 (74)

You might consider purchasing a small animal trap that catches them without hurting them. Then you can just drop them off near a woods or field somewhere else.


Answer by  worker8245 (12)

Spread some sort of a 'foul odor' around your yard(fish mulch, animal urine, etc). Try to cover/avoid having plants that make a good snack for rabbits.

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