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Question by  WiseGirl (59)

How do you rid your yard of gnats?

I have gnats in my yard.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Cleaning your area of anything organic or decomposing is a good start. Also spray once in a while with some non lethal pesticides. Anything like stagnant water or compost will dray gnats. When you deprive them of substance to feed from you cut their numbers down drastically.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Over-watered plants attract fungus gnats to breed. Also keep decomposing organic matter away from your potted plants so they have nothing or less to feed on. Make sure plant soil is dry and decomposing organic matter is regulated. You can use a surface treatment to kill gnats. Also try using repellent that contains DEET.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

I would just use a bunch of raid and pest materials to get rid of the gnats. It really works well for the most part. It's get for removal purposes.


Answer by  kasey1720 (169)

Get rid of any standing water or dead plants in your yard. Gnats love these types of areas because they provide an excellent breeding ground. There are also insect killers that you can purchase at many stores in your neighborhood. Make sure that the label mentions that it kills gnats.

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