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Question by  dpierce (36)

How can I get a copy of a California marriage certificate?

I want to frame it as a gift for a 50th wedding anniversary.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

You may obtain a copy through the California Office of Vital Statistics. Unfortunately only the individuals able to request a copy are those listed on the license, law enforcement, an attorney, or by court order. Individual copies can be obtained by any of those individuals for a fee of $14.


Answer by  shopaholic7503 (94)

You need a notarized sworn statement to get a copy of your marriage certificate. You can request these records from the California Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Records.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

Get a piece of notebook paper and write "I promise I will always be the best friend and lover to you that I can possibly be". Put that in a frame.


Answer by  palaeologus (564)

If the celebrants entered into a public marriage in 1960 or 1961, and a requester is related to the celebrants, the California Department of Public Health will be able to prepare a certified record of the marriage for $14, but six-month processing times have led that agency to recommend that requestors first seek certificates from the pertinent County Recorder's office.

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