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Question by  Jaredl721 (35)

How can I find Rayquaza in Pokemon?

I can't find a cheat anywhere.


Answer by  nimn (202)

He's hanging out in one of the hardest places : Sky Tower. He's at the very top of the tower. Use ice/rock attack on him. When he will heal, put him to sleep so he can't use his "rest" ability!


Answer by  Leaf (7)

In Pokemon Ruby/sapphire Rayquaza can be found at the top of the Sky Tower. The best Pokemon to use in capturing Rayquaza are Level 70+, either ice or rock.


Answer by  adammorris (10)

In emerald, after the 8th gym battle, you have to surf to a place on your map that reads 'pillar' and climb that place.


Answer by  Brioche (23)

If you're playing Emerald, you first need to fly to Pacifidlog Town. Make sure you have a Mach Bike so you can get over some weak spots on the ground after surfing to the Sky Pillar. Also have a lot of Ultra Balls ready and save your game before entering and looking for Rayquaza. Good luck.


Answer by  JeJe (23)

There are lots of Modded pokemon roms you can find on internet. These roms actually are Pokemon Ruby modded so you can catch rare pokemon easy


Answer by  GMNegativeZero (17)

one: depends on version 1.1:emerald: beat game and he is in sky pillar 1.2:ruby/saphire:trade from emerald or use "game shark" 1.3:diamond/pearl:trade from emerald or use "action replay" two:be more descriptive;P

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