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Question by  Zulqarnain (35)

Where do you get eevee in pokemon emerald?

I am playing pokemon emerald and can not find eevee for the life of me.


Answer by  Mandy13 (20)

You cannot obtain an Eevee in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get an Eevee is to trade it to Pokemon Emerald from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green. I would recommend either finding a friend who owns the game and is willing to trade one or picking up a copy of either game from Gamestop.


Answer by  abear (21)

The pokemon eevee unfortunately cannot be found in pokemon Emerald. In order to get Eevee you must trade with a friend.


Answer by  DLDeWandel (63)

Well, the reason you cannot find it, is because the eevee is not in emerald pokemon. What you would have to do, if you wanted the evve is either trade it, with one of your friends that has the eevee, or use some sort of cheat, like gameshark or something along those lines. But emerald pokemon doesn't contain the evve.


Answer by  tlfb (39)

You have to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex first, and then get the National Dex from Rowan. After that go to Hearthome City. Go to the house that is next door to the Pokemon Center. Go in and talk to Bebe. After you have answered her question, she will give you an Evee.

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Dude! look at the question!!! hes asking for pokemon emerald!!!!!! not diamond!!!!!!  add a comment

Answer by  TheKoopaBros (79)

Its not possible to find Eevee in Emerald. To get Eevee you'll have to get one in Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green and trade it to your game.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

That's because there isn't an eevee in the emerald version. If you know someone who has one (through cheats or what have you), you can connect with them.


Answer by  Inquisitor911 (34)

You can get Eevee by trading it with a friend. You can not obtain one in Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald. Trade with a friend who has Firered or Leafgreen.


Answer by  sanmon (12)

TH creators decided to not put an eevee in this game. I think it doesn´t make sense, becausei liked eevee, but that´s just the way it is. happy to have helped

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