Question by  radiantrachel (39)

What is the vest pokemon card ever?

I am collecting pokemon cards and want to know what is the best one.


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

The best Pokemon card is the original holographic charizard. It has 100 hp and can deal a whopping 100 hp in damage with it's attack.


Answer by  Mslater (197)

The pokemon card with the highest damage is Charizard ex in the fire/leaf packets.His damamge is 200 Or Lugia ex and his damage is 200. I don't know what pack he is from. The pokemon card with the highest HP is wailord in the ruby and sapphire packs. His HP is 150.


Answer by  Kegster (57)

The card that is worth the most I have found is the Charizard Pokemon card. It has been priced at $125.


Answer by  missesmindy (4)

Its an EX named Absol a very rare card. Absol has a faint attack and a very powerful cell attack


Answer by  yaomingjr32 (120)

i think it was like mewtwo or something like that since it was the 150th or 151st pokemon or something.

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