Question by  katie65 (11)

How can I find out if I have any savings bonds in my name?

I feel sure my grandfather gave me some savings bonds but my mom says no.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

There are several government websites that will help you track down whether or not there are any bonds listed in your name. You also have to remember that all government websites end in dot gov, anything else is an individual company and may not necessarily be sanctioned by the government.


Answer by  myo (12)

First do you have any idea where your grandfather might have bought it? Or is there might be a lawyer who he might have engaged for the service? You might probably want to check with your grandfather's close friends if they are still around asking them whether they are aware.


Answer by  Sally65 (12)

Anyone can find the answers to whether or not they have savings bonds. They can be easily retrieved by calling local banks and speaking to a representative. Checking a data base is not only quick by also effective.

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