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Question by  Douten (18)

How can I file my own teeth?


Answer by  John (9008)

There is no safe way to file your own teeth. A regular nail file will wear them down, but it will also strip your enamel and very quickly lead to tooth decay and probably tooth loss. Only a dentist should ever file your teeth.


Answer by  Ashli (251)

No! It is very unsafe for you to handle this procedure yourself because you could easily damage the pulp in your teeth, file them unevenly so they are sensitive or worse! Please go to a dentist for this so you don't damage your mouth.


Answer by  sammi20 (15)

You really shouldn't.. Go see a dentist or a place where u can go and get billed later on.. That way if ur broke u can save up the money to pay the bill so you can just get it over with. good luck ;p


Answer by  Tolbukhin (78)

I would highly recommend AGAINST it. Anything you remove is permanent. Save a little money and go to the denitist - it won't cost that much.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This requires a dental file, a sterile environment, mirrors and good lighting. However, if you make a mistake in filing your teeth, it cannot be undone. And without experience, you could cause permanent damage. See a dentist.


Answer by  Anonymous

I want to do this for so long but for fangs. I figure any dentist will call me crazy!


Answer by  Anonymous

Hmmm. My eye-teeth are becoming little too long & so I've been seriously considering filing them down flatter just a bit. Dentists & orthodontists are so flipping expensive, but after reading comments here, maybe I'd better save up to go to one, & not risk permanently damaging my teeth.


Answer by  Calrae (0)

I'm studying to be a Dental Assistant, trust me my teeth are not perfect and I want to file them down,, but to do it on your own is kinda stupid, your teeth need to be fixed by a dentist, not on your own. If you can afford it. :)

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