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Question by  Aqua (130)

How do you get rid of a fly infestation?

I was on vacation for a week and my husband left dirty dishes in the sink. Now we have flies everywhere in the kitchen. How do I clear them out?


Answer by  whutt316 (68)

Best way to get rid of them is to either manually kill them with a swatter or get a fogger spray to kill them.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Open the door in the kitchen, put some rotten food just outside the door they will head there. The ones that don't leave, get out your fly swatter and start swatting. Open the blinds and curtains they will head to the light in the window and you will be able to kill them there easier.


Answer by  Mark94 (127)

Flies are only around when they have a source of food. You must be extremely diligent in keeping the kitchen clean if you want to get rid of the flies. Make sure absolutely no produce or meat is exposed and all surfaces are wiped clean immediately after every use. Within two weeks the flies will have died.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

The most inexpensive way is to purchase one a fly ribbon. While these things are unsightly, they should clear them up quickly. Also, search for any larvae and destroy.

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